Rapidly Design, Tune and Integrate Stunning EV Driving Sounds

A usability-first solution that incorporates more than 10 years of experience in driving sound development for electrified vehicles


Sound Examples

  • EVx Demo Video 1
  • EVx Demo Video 2
  • EVx Demo Video 3
  • EVx Demo Video 1

    Arctic Shadows

  • EVx Demo Video 2


  • EVx Demo Video 3

    V8 EcoRevolt


Driving Sound

  • Supercharge the driving experience
  • Unleash potential for personalisation
  • Strengthen your sonic identity
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  • EVx Demo Video 1
  • EVx Demo Video 2
  • EVx AVAS Demo Video 1

    & Go

  • EVx AVAS Demo Video 2

    Pass By 30km/h

Exterior Driving

Sound & AVAS

  • Contribute to safer streets
  • Amplify your sonic brand perception
  • Boost the vehicle’s recognition value
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Key Benefits of EVx

Stunning driving
sounds in record time

Stunning driving sounds in record time
Stunning driving sounds in record time

Reliable software, with a
usability-first approach

Simple embedded
platform integration

Stunning driving sounds in record time
Stunning driving sounds in record time

Continuous development
and feature updates

Knowledge to develop a
competitive driving
sound at your fingertips

Stunning driving sounds in record time
Stunning driving sounds in record time

Inspiring sound design
tools and templates

Check out our launch video
for an in-depth look


New in EVx Suite 2

Shepard Module

Advanced pitching behaviour in
no time for every loop

Modular architecture

Configure requirement specific
driving sound algorithms


Create seamless looping audio
files with inspiring tools

Tuning Buses

Gain curves and parametric EQs
for fine-tuning control


Support for multiple platforms
and Audio Weaver module

Vehicle Simulator

Vehicle technical data
simulation in the studio

Speaker Processing

Processing and Routing to
adjust speaker setup

Template Sounds

Royalty-free sound as
Inspiration and starting point

Expression System

Limitless data pre-processing
with scripting language


Driving Sound Solution

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Sound Design Software
and Tuning Interface

All-in one desktop application for creative driving sound design and in-car tuning.

Tuning interface communicates with embedded algorithm (EVx Drive).

Several high-quality template driving sounds included.

Trial and full license available.

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Embedded Modular
Driving Sound Algorithm

Efficient implementation of the driving sound algorithm for embedded platforms.

Support for common embedded platforms and Audio Weaver module in place.

Evaluation license for demo vehicles and production license for series integration available.

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